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With ATC your Telescope will do what you want.

 ATC - Advanced Telescope Control

ATC Plus - Advanced Telescope Control

 Italian version
Current Version is 7.22.5
Some features of ATC Plus
Compatible with all telescopes and mounts that support the ASCOM platform

Automatic pointing of the telescope or coelostat . Composition and observation of lists of objects.
Control of CCD cameras with MaxIm DL CCD. Auto-center of an object framed in the telescope field.
Automatic execution of mosaic CCD images. Automatic/castom parking control . Automatic starting from the parking position or a near star. Automatic scanning of the sky for object searching. Observations saving in a Data base. Connection with the Ricerca program for the automatic acquisition of images with the CCD.
Complete dome control via proprietary driver, ASCOM driver (no POTH required) or OCS III driver.
Automatic calibration of the acquired images. Calculation of the coordinates of comets and asteroids.
Dual axis dithering function during multiple image acquisition.
Aim of the telescope with the SmartPointing System method through an reference image.
Telescope tracking with the Astrometric Point System (Plate Solving) using the APS module
Vocal Synthesis: Now ATC speaks.
Telescope motion control with mouse, numerical keyboard and joystick.
Remote Telescope Control by ATNC

ATC Plus - Panel Mode.

 ATC - Click on image to see full screenshot
ATC Plus - Extended Mode.
More Images

 Auto Center - Click on image to see full screenshot
ATC P. - Auto Center, Mosaic and CCD control
Automatic control of Two CCD cameras and Two Focusers

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