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Remote Control of the Astronomical Observatory

A.T.N. - Automatic Telescope Network - Server and Client
Current Release Version is 3.52.2

 English version

Some characteristics of ATN
Now Controllable via
ASCOM with all the Planetary softwares!
Communication much faster than other systems based on remote desktops and similar.
With this new software (Server and Client) a remote telescope can be controlled.
CCD Camera/Images control with MaxIm DL CCD.
A software, the server, interacts with Ricerca/ASC or ATC Plus in the observatory, and the various clients.
It is possible the aiming of the telescope and the CCD acquisition of the images directly on own PC.
To participate collectively at an automatic observing session and receiving directly the images.
The opening of a chat with the server or other connected clients.
The client can compile and to send a list of objects to the server to observe in automatic.
With ATN, the time, the priority and the level of access for clients can be managed.
With ATN, it is possible to share with others one's own astronomical observatory
A useful didactic tool for the schools
Schools can follow a study plan and make their own astronomical observations.
Possible a complete simulation of remote observations
In this mode, the clients can practice the software in total security.


ATN Main Panel

The client has different possibilities to analyze the remote acquired images in real time.

Ricerca(Search) in Remote Control Mode


Some ATNs Images

ATNs main control panel.

ATNs options control panel.

ATNs parameters control panel.

ATNs setup control panel.

ATNs advanced control panel.

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