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Ricerca (Search) 7
July - 09 - 2018
Ricerca (Search) v. 7.05.5 is available.
Updated all Js and Vb scripts.
Improved the procedure for monitoring the G.R.B.
Rearranged the menu of object names on the map.

Added a command to run Auto-Center directly from the image module.
Added a second alternative link from which to download
Improved management of automatic procedures, with additional checks and instructions.
Increased the number of filters to 10 in the Automatic Calibration module (Dark-Flat-Bias).
Added an option in the webcam control module.

Now the crosshair of the reference position of the telescope at moment of the parking is shown.
Now the Telescope and CCD shutdown options are permanent in the automated observations.
Updated OCS module. Now you can set a waiting time if the internet disconnects.
Improved the procedure for astrometric measurements and send reports to MPC.
Now you can use the UCAC4 catalog for astrometric measurements and the reports to be sent to MPC.
Fixed a bug on turning off devices at the end of an automated observing session.

Many other changes and improvements

Ricerca (Search) 7
Dicember - 05 - 2017
Ricerca (Search) v. 7.04 is available.
Redesigned the panel of the ADC module
Redesigned the panel of the Focuser module

Now you can auto focus even with MaxIm_DL.
Added the calculation of galactic latitude and longitude in the search for novae.

Added the 'Abort observations at dawn' option EOS (7.03.2).
Updated the electric focuser control panel, adding new features.
Introduced the time mode in the observation of object sequences with EOS (7.03.1).

Possibility to create a light curve with already acquired images (post-processing).
Now you can use multiple comparison stars in building a light curve.

Graphics made with earlier versions of ADC are incompatible with the new version.
part of the Analysis panel.

part of the Automatic Sessions panel.

Added comets in computing and submitting the report to MPC.
Redesigned part of the A_Calibrate (7.01.1) module.
Change some items in the 'Options' menu of
EOS (7.02.4).

Corretto un bug nelle osservazioni in modo visuale.
A bug in visual observations has been fixed.
A bug of display in the ASC panel has been fixed.
Correct wrong asteroid display for a link change of MPC site.
Many other changes and improvements.


New Switch Control Panel
- V. 7.00.1.


Rcerca(Search) 7

This new version allows the connection directly with the Observatory.
There is no need for a remote desktop.
It is possible following all the aim phases of the telescope and acquiring images
directly from the star map, which acts as a client.
With the priorities or privileges set up to maximum, the client can execute all the commands required
for the remote operation of the observatory, opening/ closing dome, turn on devices,
parking/unparking the telescope, and much more.

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