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Ricerca (Search) 7
August - 01 - 2021
Ricerca (Search) v. 7.16.8 is available.
The catalog of exoplanets has been updated.
Updated the TNS Send Reports module.
Added new options in the Analysis panel.
Updated the automatic session module.
Updated the ADC (Seeing) control module.
ADC (ligth curve) module updated with new options.
Improved the solver procedure of the APS module.
The asteroids management module has been updated.
Fixed the link for the connection to Simbad/Aladin.
Improved the automatic search procedures of suprnovae.
Added daily control in GRB/GW monitoring.
Now the images are archived with the date written in the Fits Header.
Added a set of processing/correction filters during image acquisition.
Added the ATLAS/Gaia2 catalog for APS and astrometric measurements.
The procedure for tracking artificial satellites has been enhanced.
Updated the images module for the visualization and reports of asteroids and and SNe.
The Config/Test module has been removed because it is obsolete.
Fixed a bug of, error when closing the sky map.
Many other changes and improvements.

January - 15 - 2021
Ricerca (Search) v. 7.16
Some graphic elements have been updated.
The catalog of exoplanets has been updated.
Enhanced the APS and EOS modules with new options.
Updated the monitoring of the GRB/GW procedure.
Added options in the German mounts panel for flip management.
The procedure for checking recent supervovas has been enhanced.
The procedure for tracking artificial satellites has been enhanced.
Improved the dithering procedure in EOS and in multiple images.
The general image management panel has been expanded.
New procedure for the automatic sending of Reports to TNS.
Added copy option to analysis and image management panels.
Updated the procedures for sending e-mails and notifications.
Ability to change stretching in DSS images.
The module (format 80 columns), of sending report to MPC has been removed.
Fully automatic sending of reports to MPC in ADES format.
Possibility to use independent catalogs for images and APS (plate solving).
Added an option for creating sub-folders, in images acquired with EOS.
Added an object/coordinate search panel in the SKY-MAP.ORG planetarium, on the Web.
Added a procedure for correcting the position of the focuser according to the temperature of the sensor.
Many other changes and improvements.


New Tool to monitoring seeing in real-time.

New Switch Control Panel.


Rcerca(Search) 7

This new version allows the connection directly with the Observatory.
There is no need for a remote desktop.
It is possible following all the aim phases of the telescope and acquiring images
directly from the star map, which acts as a client.
With the priorities or privileges set up to maximum, the client can execute all the commands required
for the remote operation of the observatory, opening/ closing dome, turn on devices,
parking/unparking the telescope, and much more.

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