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Current Release Version is 7.15.1
New Driver Dome/Switch
New Card and Anemometer for Wind Monitoring.

Observatory Control System V2 Conform.
Dome Pointing of high Accuracy
Automated Domes and Observatory Devices Control

Now OCS is also a Driver Ascom Switch.
The software module is an active-X, Driver Ascom Dome Interface V2.
With this it is possible to control the observatory in a really remote mode.
Basic version: allows turning on/off the telescope, the CCD camera, the lights of the dome during the slewing of the telescope.
Advanced version: allows full control of the dome.
Automatic precision rotation with ramp control, parking and Slaved mode.
Opening/closing the shutter/roof and control of weather sensors (clouds/rain).
The box with the interface, the sensors and the rotation encoder is available on request.
OCS III (Hardware + Software),can be supplied separately.
The basic version can be upgraded to that advance.

New Version

Box with telescope, CCD, focuser and filter wheel power supply, relays box and interface box.
Rain detector, connection cables and power supply of O.C.S. III

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