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Ricerca (Search) 7 (Latest Review)

 Italian version
Current Release Version is 7.16.3
Includes: Ricerca - ASC - APS - EOS - ASwitch - AstroBase - Utility
With this application it is possible to perform some programmed observation sessions for the automatic research of supernovae, novae, asteroids, variable stars and comets. Automatic aim of the objects, acquisition and saving of the images and the observed data. Parking, Unparking of the telescope and the dome.
Programmed power on/off of the obsevatory devices.

Some Features of Ricerca

Observation plan of multiple targets with sky map.
Systematic and
automatic observation of astronomic objects lists.
Visualization and observational data of extrasolar planets in the star map.
New procedure for monitoring and automatic observation of G.R.B./G.W.
CCD camera control with MaxIm DL CCD.
Automated control of two CCD cameras and two electric focusers.
Dome and telescope control with ASC/ATC Plus .
Exclusive Automatic pointing of the Coelostat and Siderostat.
Full compatibility and automatic aim of the objects with TheSky planetarium.
Automatic motion of the Dome and shutter control.
Automatic saving of the observations in a Data Base.
Real time checking of the already observed objects.
Auto Calibration of the acquired images.
Vocal Synthesis features.
Remote control of the observations by new ATN.
Extensive support for ASCOM compliant.
Support FocusMax 3.xx software for Auto Focus.
Plate solve and sync with astrometric accuracy through PinPoint.
Automatic correction of focus for each filter and for each focuser.
New procedures to control and compare the images.
Monitoring, analysis and treatment of captured images (post-processing).
Automatic creation of reference images.
Blink with a reference image.
Automatic blink with the DSS images (Digital Sky Survey).
Automatic detection of new objects in the images.
Automatic control of the guide camera during the observing sessions.
Observation of objects sequences with independent parameters for every object - E.O.S.
Control of the observatory devices by O.C.S./Switch and
Build a photometric light curve in real time.
Planned automatic acquisition the calibration frames (dark, flat and bias).
Automatically calibrate the images using a predefined set of calibration frames.
Build of a mosaic of images directly from the celestial map.
Elaboration in real time and in post-process of the acquired images.
Automatic planned sending alert e-mail.
Astrometric measure of asteroid/comet position and sending report to MPC (ADES).
Astrometric measure of SNe/GCN/Transient objects and sending report to T.N.S.
Public observations with the images available on the web (example).
Controls and advanced commands for specific mounts (LX200GPS/R and RCX400).
Automatic monitoring of seeing and graph in real time (Seeing Monitor)
Park/Unpark also with the generic driver (FS2 and similar controller).
Possibility to launch external applications.

 Ricerca - Click on image to see full screenshot
Some News about Ricerca(Search) 7

More Screen Shots

Current Release Version is 7.16.3
Advanced Scopes Control
ASC can control many telescopes and Domes using ASCOM.

Current Release Version is 7.16.2
Enhanced Objects Sequence

This plug-in allows to compile lists of objects to observe in automatic sequences.
For every object, it is possible to point out totally independent parameters from the other objects of the list.
It is possible to re-focus or to re-syncronize the telescope between an object and the other, or with pre-stablished times.
The whole procedure can be repeated several times.

Observing Plan of Multiple Targets with E.O.S.
 Ricerca - Click on image to see full screen shot
It is really simple to create a list of observable objects.
The objects selected on the Ricerca sky map are automatically added to the list.

Current Release Version is 7.16.1
New Driver Dome/Switch
New Card and Anemometer for Wind Monitoring.
Observatory Control System V2 Conform.
Dome Pointing of high Accuracy
Automated Domes and Observatory Devices Control

Now OCS is also a Driver Ascom Switch.
The software module is an active-X, Driver Ascom Dome Interface V2.
With this it is possible to control the observatory in a really remote mode.
Basic version: allows turning on/off the telescope, the CCD camera, the lights of the dome during the slewing of the telescope.
Advanced version: allows full control of the dome.
Automatic precision rotation with ramp control, parking and Slaved mode.
Opening/closing the shutter/roof and control of weather sensors (clouds/rain).
The box with the interface, the sensors and the rotation encoder is available on request.
OCS III (Hardware + Software),can be supplied separately.
The basic version can be upgraded to that advance.

New Version

Box with telescope, CCD, focuser and filter wheel power supply, relays box and interface box.
Rain detector, connection cables and power supply of O.C.S. III

More Images

Current Release Version is 7.16.1
Seeing Monitor in real-time (new).
Build your light curve in real time!

Astronomical Diagram Creator

Construction of a photometric light curve in real time or, with previously acquired images.
This module can be very useful when monitoring variable stars, transit of extrasolar planets or photometry in general.
In this way it is possible to verify in real-time the trend of a frame shooting session for the realization of a light curve.
The light curve is obtained by the differential photometry method and can be used by 1, to 5 reference stars.

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